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New York LLC Publishing
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New York $395 $1250
Kings $395 $800
Bronx $395 $1250
Queens $395 $800
Richmond $395 $700
Westchester $395 $495
Rockland $395 $495
Nassau/Suffolk $395 $495

All prices are 100% complete, and they cover the entire process including all state filing fees. No extra charges whatsoever.
* All prices for domestic (NY) LLCs. Foreign (out-of-state qualified in NY) $595.

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If the Certificate of Publication is rejected by the state for any reason, we will refund your payment in full, 100%.

We are the ONLY company in New York that has been providing expert legal publishing services since 2005.

($595 foreign)

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How it works


New York LLC law requires that you complete the NY LLC publishing requirement within 120 days or else your LLC will be suspended.

We handle the entire process 100% as follows:

  • Officially change your LLC county to Albany using our address
  • Prepare legal notices in accordance with limited liability company (LLC) law
  • Place notices in 2 newspapers approved by the county clerk for the required period (6 weeks)
  • Obtain affidavits of publication from the newspapers
  • Prepare and file the Certificate of Publication and pay the required fee
  • Change your LLC address to your permanent address
  • Receive the filing receipt from the state after processing, and forward it to you

There is nothing for you to do, and there are no extra fees. Everything is covered 100% in the cost quoted.

Already past the 120-day deadline? It's not too late, but you need to start the LLC publishing process ASAP! Your LLC will be automatically reinstated upon completion. For your added protection (upon request) we will even provide you with a letter from our company verifying that the process is underway!

You can attempt the complicated process yourself, but be aware that there are numerous rules and regulations which must be followed exactly. Any missteps, errors, or typos will force you to re-publish your LLC notices from the beginning, and pay the newspapers again.


($595 foreign)

Easily order in just 2 minutes!

Our LLC Publishing process includes everything... no hidden fees, no extra costs, and nothing for you to sign or file. We handle it all 100%.

We've been doing this for a LONG time, and no one knows the New York LLC publishing process like we do. 

Don't take a chance sending a lot of money to kitchen-table operations with fancy names... the risk is on you! We handle the entire publishing requirement New York.

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