Frequently asked questions

Q. Is this legit? How will I know if everything has been done properly?

We have never had any publishing rejected. Once the state processes the Certificate of Publication and returns the filing receipt, it means that your LLC has completed everything properly and your LLC is in good standing. If, for some reason, we cannot deliver your filing receipt, we will refund your $395 in full. You have nothing to lose, and it is way better than spending $1,200 publishing elsewhere.

Q. How long does the publishing process take?

While the advertising itself runs for 6 weeks, the entire process can take *about* 12 weeks with newspaper lead-in time, obtaining affidavits, submitting the certificate to the state, processing by the state, and emailing the filing receipt to you.

Q. What happens if my LLC is suspended?

The publishing process often exceeds the short time allowed by the rules. This is a frequent occurrence, as most people start late or were unaware of the requirement until after the deadline. In this case, you need to start the process now because your LLC is technically suspended as of the 120 day mark if the entire legal publishing process has not been completed.

Q. How do I get my LLC out of suspended status?

Simply start the LLC publishing process as soon as possible. Upon completion of the publishing process, your LLC is automatically reinstated. However, simply starting the process will avoid any potential problems.

Q. What do you deliver at the end of the process?

Our deliverable consist of an electronic copy of the state-issued "filing receipt" which is proof of compliance with the publishing requirement.

Q. I haven't yet formed my New York LLC. Do you have any advice?

Yes. We also operate where we can form your New York LLC for just $795 with all legal publishing included. Have a look and learn how to save up to $1,500 on your new LLC. Plus, we deliver in one day or less, which is something LegalZoom can't even do!

Q. Do you offer discounts on multiple LLCs?

Yes. If you have two or more LLCs that you want to publish simultaneously, let us know and we'll provide an even further discounted price quote.

Q. Do you offer discounts to lawyers and accountants?

Yes. If you're an attorney or accountant that regularly forms LLCs for your clients, let us know and we'll work out a great price for you. We work with lots of lawyers and accountants.

Q. What if I'm not comfortable with temporarily borrowing your address. Can I publish the regular way in my existing county?

We've never had a problem with our process. However, we understand if you still want to publish using the more expensive "traditional" way, and we can do that for you at 

Q. How much experience do you have with this?

We have helped over 8,000 people and we've been doing it since 2005. We don't know of anyone with more experience in LLC in New York.

Q. What about all those outfits who send me mailings advertising their LLC publishing services?

You should understand the differences between us and those services:

a. We stand behind our work. If the other guys screw up (and they often do), you'll face the consequences alone. We get things right 100% of the time because we have to. Why take a chance with a service who answers to no one?

b. You can follow the publishing progress on our exclusive online customer access system. You'll be given your own password to access your account at anytime 24/7.

c. Our prices are way lower than those other services, and even lower than if you were to handle it yourself.

Q. How will I know where & when my legal notices are running?

If you email us about 2 weeks after starting the process, we'll be able to tell you the exact newspapers & dates of publication. No phone calls will be accepted for status inquiries. Email only to We usually respond very quickly.

Q. How can I make payment?  

Our order form accepts all major credit cards. 

Q. How does the publishing process work exactly?

Upon receipt of your publishing order, the following happens:

- We file papers to officially have your listed Div of Corporations address changed to ours in Albany (only if your LLC was registered in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, or Putnam counties -- otherwise, we automatically publish in your county for the same price -- no address change required).

- We prepare your legal notices using our address in Albany.

- We place the notices in 2 properly designated newspapers in Albany County for the required 6-week period.

- After the 6 weeks is up, we obtain affidavits of publication from the newspapers.

- We prepare and file the Certificate of Publication and pay the required state fee.

- We receive the filing receipt from the state after processing, and forward it to you electronically.

- We change your address back to its original.

We handle the entire process 100%. There is nothing for you to do, and there are no extra fees. Everything is covered 100% in the $395 price. Publishing in Albany saves you up to $1,000 vs. the "traditional" way!    

Again, if your LLC was registered anywhere other than Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, or Putnam counties, we automatically publish in your existing county for the same $395 price.

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